My cooking journey began at the young age of 7yrs old, with both of my grandmothers in the driver’s seat showing me different techniques on making our traditional dishes. Of course they jokingly “fought” over whose method was better, as grandmothers will do. I have vivid memories of it that special time for me.  It was my Mother, however, that was the traditional food rebel.  She was the one who broke us through from “traditional” and gave it the flare of “international.”  I remember the first time we tried lasagna, imagine Italy brought to the Russain Jewish table. My mom used to watch cooking shows on TV a lot, that’s the only thing she could relate to due to language barrier when she moved to the US with our family at age 40.

I started my culinary professional route by interning for two different restaurants, in New York City, one for Spanish cuisine and one for American cuisine.  After six months at these locations, I then began private catering events and healthy meal prep for the busy personal lifestyle. Here I infused the flavors from all over the world into the creation of different works of food art. Even though I found great success in this something was not quite right, something was missing. As I was on my culinary journey I simultaneously began my spiritual walk.  So my cuisine  began to take the same road, yes the Kosher Detour, but with a twist. Now I could  take my international food experience and bring it to elevate the Kosher plate to an Oasis of flavor. So I found my spiritual calling, and as Hashem /”God” works his glorious ways, I now found my fulfilled food calling, as well!