… So I thought I was cooking my way, but why did I still feel like something was missing.  I wasn’t completely happy and I was trying to figure out why.  It was a tugging feeling pulling me towards something, and slowly it became clearer, God was trying to get my attention.  He can be an all of a sudden in an instant God, or he can throw you little hints and let you figure it out on your own God, and here he wanted me to come to realize I wasn’t happy without him leading the way … He is always right!  What is making food if he wasn’t at the source of it, so for me that is what I was missing my key ingredient, the flavor of God!!

Realizing now I needed to take some time off and learn how to incorporate my faith and my cooking, I began to study the laws of Kashrut.  If you are unfamiliar with Kashrut, it is the Jewish “religious laws concerning food suitability and fitness of use of ritual objects”, or in other words Kosher food laws.  The more I learned the less comfortable I was cooking outside of the teachings.  Gradually, I became less and less a secular Chef and now exclusively Kosher.  I even dropped my Meal Prep organization as it was not in a Kosher kitchen and following the law properly.    Yes, something I worked so hard to achieve, I shut down completely!  Some people might think that is a crazy thing to do, close your business when it’s doing well.  However, now I was going to reorganize it to include the most important ingredient it was missing, God!  Everything I made before him was unseasoned, unflavored…tasteless!   After embracing my God, I could taste for the first time, and it doesn’t taste sweeter than this!!