So that’s where it all started for me, two loving grandmothers (my Babushkas), with very different styles of cooking, showing me how it’s done.  Whose was better…I’ll never tell!  I was lucky I had two of them that enjoyed putting great food on the table for their families and showing me where hard work and love will take you!

Hello, I am Chef Victoria, born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and emigrated to the United States when I was 16 with my mother, father, and siblings.  Before I left though, I had already sparked that love for the kitchen and the joy it brings.   All my best memories come from the meals we cooked together as a family.   What a great companion that plate of food was, for birthdays, holidays or any normal day.  

Grandmother Levgo, my dad’s mom was a simple family cook that showed me one style.  Grandmother Mira, my mom’s mother worked for a supermarket in the deli department.  Guess it’s in the genes, I now work as a guest chef at Grand and Essex Market, in Bergenfield, NJ!  My grannies showed me how to season, to keep traditions, and how to bring the family together.