After my family moved to the US, sadly my food desires were pushed to the back burner, because now I had to figure out how to fit in as an American in Brooklyn and with no english speaking skills. I had other priorities as you can see.

I did watch my mom cook from time to time and she was amazing, she even picked up English from cooking shows she watched. My mother is also the one that brought international cuisine to our home for the first time.

As for me, my path went toward how to be an american teen, then getting married and going into corporate life.

However, when a desire is so strong inside it starts to push its way out, and I could no longer stay away from my food calling. I then began to work in different restaurants in NY to hone my craft and even started catering and meal prep.

Eventually, however, I started to still feel incomplete and realized my Spiritual siren was calling me even louder. I knew this beckoning I could not ignore, so I took two years off from the NY restaurant scene to learn more about Torah, and the laws of Kashrut. Now, I learned not only to nurture my culinary craft but a spiritual awakening that led me to incorporate both, for my true calling in Life. I had studied various cultures and their cuisine, but now I took them to my Jewish world, Kosher cooking. I infused new spices and ingredients to give it a transcendent spiritual experience.

I would love for you to take this trip with me…see we don’t have to be one type of thing anymore. We can embrace our variety and still be true to our identity, while fulfilling our primary goal of Honoring our God!